About eve sleep plc

Others say goodnight. We say good morning.

At eve, we do things a little differently. Rather than follow the rules, we rewrite them; we don’t follow the crowd, we do things the eve way.

In the last three years, we’ve achieved a lot. We’ve grown from two employees to a team over 100. We’ve expanded our product range, gone public, moved to a shiny new office and won lots of awards, including start up of the year.

Despite our quick success, our philosophy remains the same. We want to re-energise the tired sleep industry. We offer a more convenient, customer-first service and beautifully-designed, high-quality products at prices that won’t make you lose any sleep. We never lose sight of what makes eve, eve.

We’ve tried to build a culture where people aren’t afraid to break the rules; where doing things differently is the norm - not the exception. Autonomy is a given, and with that comes responsibility. We are like one big (slightly dysfunctional) family, so there’ll be plenty of encouragement, support and collaboration along the way.

Oh, and we like to have fun.

What next?

We’re building the team, expanding our product range and continuing to disrupt the industry.

Sounds exciting right? We think so. If you want the opportunity to be a part of that, to create something special, to drive innovation into a forgotten industry, we want to hear from you.

Calling all dreamers

We're looking for grafters; self-starters who can keep up with the pace and want to make a difference. We're still a relatively small team, so there's no room for coasting along. We're a friendly bunch who are happy to work hard. We're not afraid to get our hands dirty and we're all madly passionate about our brand. We also have a lot of fun.

So, if you're ambitious, excellent at what you do and you want to help fuel our success, we'd love to hear from you.

Current openings